Discover the Ocean

 Yachting in the Azores season 2022

 Sea voyages in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean
Discover the Azores on a sailing yacht
The best way to explore this amazing place is on board a yacht.
 And also:
  • From island to island
    The yacht will be your home during the trip. And this is an opportunity to wake up in a new place every morning.
  • local gastronomy
    Meat, fish, wine, vegetables and fruits - the local cuisine is a big part of the travel experience.

  •  Idyll with nature
    Walk along the crater of a still warm volcano, swim in hot springs and dive into the cloud.

 Choose your trip
We have prepared unique tours of any duration and for different levels of training. Find yours.
Get to know the Azores
Nine islands in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. Full of secrets and white spots, they hospitably welcome their guests. Stunning views, an abundance of flowers and vegetation - this is heaven on earth, this is the Azores.
 The Azores are home to a unique cuisine. Fish and seafood, which generously gives the Atlantic Ocean and the amazing meat of domestic animals that walk through the endless meadows. Add local wine and local cheese - and you're set for an unforgettable gastronomic journey.
Special yachting culture
The port of Horta is a mecca for yachtsmen from all over the world. All Atlantic sailing competitions start or stop here, here is a meeting place for old and new friends, because the city lives on yachting. And each guest of Orta leaves his autograph on the endless pier. Find friends?

 Centuries-old history
The Azores are the oldest hub between the Old and New Worlds. Threads of sea routes passed through the islands, here they took shelter from the weather, replenished supplies and got up for repairs. On some islands there were pirate bases, on others - naval bases. So. more than 80 ships lie in the bay of Angra do Heroismo and this is one of the two underwater museums in the world protected by UNESCO.
Beneteau Oceanis 423
«St. Marta»
Comfortable cruising yacht with three double guest cabins, fully rigged and reliable equipment. The ideal boat for sailing in all weather conditions - from easy touring to ocean extreme.

 How to get there?
Direct air communication with the Azores is established from most major European airports, as well as from the airports of New York, Washington, Moscow. You can travel between the islands by SATA local airlines or by ferry.
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