Yacht " ST.MARTA"

Beneteau Oceanis 423
The yacht was built in France at the famous shipyard Beneteau.
  • Comfort
    Accommodation on board "MARTA" meets the highest requirements. Four separate cabins, three latrines, a spacious and very bright cabin-company. The yacht is equipped with a stern platform for swimming, it is also equipped with a shower with fresh water.
  • Reliability
    The manufacturer of sailing and motorboats Beneteau is distinguished by exceptional reliability and practicality, it is these qualities that allow the company to remain a leader in world-wide sales. A large draft makes the yacht very stable, and sailing on a wave under a sail is pleasant.
  • Speed
    This yacht with all the listed facilities on board develops a comfortable
    cruising (cruise) speed of 6 knots.
Unusual journey through the fabulous islands. A ten-day cruise on a comfortable yacht to the islands of the Azores archipelago remains in memory forever !!! We are very lucky that we made such a voyage. A great team of the yacht provided us with all the facilities: imaginable and unthinkable. Azory is a fairy tale !!! Islands of ever-blooming hydrangea, an undistorted tourist destination. An exotic paradise and only.
Nadejda and Gennady, St. Petersburg
So, our third cruise on the MARTA yacht across the Azores paradise is over! A lot of impressions, wonderful people who meet by the will of the stars and become good friends! I no longer imagine any other holiday!
Alice, Moscow
If someone wants to move across the Atlantic seriously, in an adult way, then come, welcome to Alexander Gvozdev on the Azores! Alexander is the most experienced ocean-class sailing captain, with no questions! He will show you the real, Karl, ocean sailing and teach you how to reef aloud. You will hear how the wave actually splashes, and how it sounds, backstay (like the first string).
Andrew, Saint-Petersburg
We live in Portugal for more than 10 years, but the journey to the Azores remains in our hearts forever. It is impossible to compare with any other country, and if you have the opportunity to go on your beautiful yacht on a trip around the Atlantic, we will be happy!
Yury Zhakov, Portu
Hawaii of Europe - Azores ... Tree ferns and redwoods; extinct volcanoes and hot springs; Martian landscape at Faial; relic vegetation; dawn on the top of the extinct Pico volcano - the highest mountain in Portugal; cows grazing year round among the clouds; waterfalls falling into the ocean; quietness, peace, birds singing ... And, of course, shops, bars, restaurants, the cult place of Peters-bar ...
Elena Andreeva, Mönchengladbach
The best of what can be on the Azores! In one tour, you can visit many islands, live and navigate on the "MARTA" classy yacht, get yachting skills and all this
at an affordable price. I advise!
Roman, Minsk
The Azores on Yacht Martha. Words will not say anything. Try it yourself.
Lubov, Moscow-Vilnius

This is a very nice experience and good nature!
Nick Strongwill
The yacht trip was wonderful! Sun, ocean, unforgettable beauty, wonderful team. Skipper Alexander taught us the basics of yachting and did not let us get bored on board. Definitely recommend it will be fun!
Alena, Minsk
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